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RF connector specifications

Electrical performance

The actual electrical performance depends on the performance of the cable, the contact of the cable, the geometric size of the connector, the contact of the inner conductor, and so on. The maximum frequency of the coaxial line must be the maximum use frequency of the weakest component in the transmission line, because it depends on all components rather than one component. For example, the use frequency of a certain RF connector is 10GHZ, the use frequency of the cable connected to it is 5GHZ, and the maximum use frequency of this component is 5GHZ. The combination of all factors determines the frequency of use of the entire transmission line.

Mechanical behavior

The processing methods of various components in the manufacturing process determine the mechanical and electrical properties of the radio frequency connector. While considering the mechanical properties, the quantity and scale of production must also be considered. It is very important to study the reasons why certain performance cannot meet the requirements. This analysis helps to avoid the next error.

On the other hand, the smaller the radio frequency connector, the more difficult it is to manufacture, the higher the manufacturing cost, and the worse the accuracy and error. In future industrial applications, the demand for small, excellent, and inexpensive electronic components will continue to grow.

development trend

1. Miniaturization: With the miniaturization of the whole system, the volume of RF connectors is getting smaller and smaller, such as SSMB, MMCX and other series, which are very small.

2. High frequency: The United States HP launched RF connectors with a frequency of 110GHz as early as a few years ago. The frequency of domestic general products does not exceed 40GHz. The frequency of flexible cables does not exceed 10GHz, and the frequency of semi-rigid cables does not exceed 20GHz.

3. Multi-function: In addition to the role of a bridge, it also has the functions of signal processing, such as filtering, phase modulation, frequency mixing, attenuation, detection, and amplitude limiting.

4. Low standing wave and low loss: meet the needs of weapon systems and precision measurement.

5. Large capacity and high power: Large capacity and high power mainly meet the development needs of the information highway.

6. Surface mount: Mainly meet the development needs of SMT technology (surface mount technology), and help simplify the wiring structure design of multilayer printed boards.

JIETE Electronics comprehensively provides the entire RF series of connectors, from small MM CX, SMP, MCX, etc. to commonly used SMA, SMB, SMC, TNC and large 7/16, N, QDS and other series of male or female types Connector:18GHz/26.5GHz/40GHz/18GHz/26.5GHz/40GHz low loss cable etc. Products are mainly used in communications, radio frequency identification, automotive, medical, aviation, data storage, network signal transmissio n, military industry and other fields.

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