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RF connector

● Examples of model composition of RF connectors

Example 1: MCX-JW3

Represents MCX type curved radio frequency plug, the inner conductor of the plug is pin contact, and it is equipped with SYV-50-3, RG-58/U and other radio frequency cables.

Example 2: BNC-KWE

It means that the BNC bend type welded on the printed circuit board is an RF socket with an impedance of 50Ω.

Example 3: SMA-C-J1.5

Indicates a SMA straight RF plug, the inner conductor is a pin contact, and it is equipped with SFF-50-1.5-1, RG-174/U and other RF cables, and the termination type is crimp type.

● The model composition example of the adapter

The model of the adapter is derived from the model of the plug or socket, and generally adopts the following forms:

The main code part of the adapter model is indicated by the main code of the connector (in-series adapter) or fractional type (inter-series adapter).

Example 1: SMA-50JK

Indicates the SMA type 50Ω series internal adapter, one end is a male contact, and one end is a female contact.

Sample question: BNC/SMA-50JK

It means an adapter with a BNC male contact at one end and an SMA female contact at the other end with an impedance of 50Ω.

● Model composition example of impedance converter

Example: N-50J/75K

Represents an N-type resistance with a 50Ω male contact at one end and a 75Ω female contact at the other end

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