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Engineering Application of Twisted Pair Transmission

1. One network cable transmits one signal:

This method is relatively wasteful, but if it is a pan/tilt, we can use the remaining pair of wires as control signal wires.

2. A network cable transmits 4 signals:

This method is more economical and is generally used in situations where there are centralized fixed cameras.

3. A network cable transmits 4 signals, first pull each point with a pair of twisted pair (telephone cable) to A, and then transmit to the receiver through the main road.

This method is more flexible, and is generally used on four more scattered points. This method saves threads, but pay attention to the handling of joints, such as point A.

4. First focus and then transmit. First pull the video signals from various places to one point through the coaxial cable, and use a multiple transmitter to transmit together.

Or install a waterproof box at this point, and install all single-channel transmitters in the box as the launcher. When the front-end camera is too far from here, such as more than 100 meters, it is recommended not to use this solution. If you need to choose this solution, you must choose a better coaxial video cable.

The above methods should be applied in combination to optimize the entire system.

【Wiring diagram】

There are many ways of wiring. The best wiring method is the one that matches the project. Therefore, we must

Condition, combine several methods to use.

1. Point to point. Each monitoring point pulls a network cable or a 2-pair four-core super-category 5 cable. If this point needs to transmit a control signal, then

The remaining wires in these 2 pairs can be used to transmit control signals.

2. A string. Pull a network cable for every four monitoring points, and divide the accessory four channels into one area when wiring

After passing through these four points, at each point, remove the outer skin and take out one pair of lines for one camera to use.

3. Focus first, then send. First gather the camera signals through the coaxial cable, and then pass through a network cable after entering the multiplexer

Transmission back to the monitoring center.

4. Tree structure. Use 2 pairs of 4-core twisted pairs to pull the signals of the scattered monitoring points to a relatively concentrated place, and then pull them back to the monitoring center through 4 pairs or large pairs of over-category 5 twisted pairs.

All of the above wiring connectors must be connected by welding, and they must be wrapped after welding to prevent water and oxidation

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